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I am Attorney Michael B. Brown, owner of the Law Office of Michael B. Brown.  I am a native Michigander and a graduate of Hope College and Wayne State University Law School.  As a former prosecutor and as a defense attorney working for a successful law firm, I have experience on both sides of the criminal justice system.  I have won cases through written motion practice and in trial.  During my time as a prosecutor, I worked around some of the best defense attorneys in Arizona.  These real-world teachers ranged from brash and flashy to smooth, experienced, and tough.  I learned from the inside how to prepare for trial while sometimes leaving open the option of negotiating a deal.  I learned to apply a tactful, prioritized approach to achieve the best possible outcomes for my clients.   My insight into the prosecutor’s mindset has also taught me law enforcement’s priorities, inherent strengths, and hidden weaknesses.  This knowledge is invaluable when my clients have no other option than to stand up at trial and fight for their freedom and reputation.

I know how prosecutors approach a defendant’s criminal charges, criminal history, and pre-trial behavior.  Prosecutors take pride in treating every case the same, even threatening significant punishment against an otherwise law-abiding person for a single criminal act.  As you would imagine, prosecutors also use their powers to impose even greater penalties on individuals with prior criminal convictions.  A skilled defense attorney can use the time between a criminal charge and trial to develop an action plan with their client to show the prosecutor that the defendant is remorseful, rehabilitating, and not a risk to re-offend.

In my time as a defense attorney, I have handled cases ranging from misdemeanor domestic violence, drug possession, and DUI charges to felony theft, firearms, and sexual assault charges. I have earned outright dismissals of serious felony charges prior to trial and won several misdemeanor trials. I have spent a considerable amount of time in court, and I have studied the art of communication and argument before the judge and jury.  I relish the competitive nature of trial, yet I never forget the stakes involved when fighting on behalf of a client whose time, money, reputation, and freedom is on the line. Hiring a criminal defense attorney is not a decision to be taken lightly.  You need a teacher, speaker, scholar, and – most importantly – a surrogate fighter.  You need an attorney you can trust to pursue justice on your behalf.

In 2013, I left my position with a respected law firm near Phoenix, Arizona to return to my beautiful home state and start the Law Office of Michael B. Brown.  Take advantage of my low overhead while it lasts!  Do you know that many large criminal defense law firms focus more on the “front-end” (marketing, web presence, and sales) than on executing great results for their clients?  Would you believe that most of the written content on large criminal law firm websites is not written by anyone within the firm?  On the other hand, many attorneys are not experienced enough to know how to battle specific charges before and during trial or how to achieve great results through negotiations with the prosecutor.  There are many ways to attack a case, and each one demands a nuanced, unique approach.  I will devote my time and expertise to give you the best representation possible.

If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, contact the Law Office of Michael B. Brown.  There’s no risk, no obligation, no consultation fee, and it’s all completely confidential.  I will fight for you.