Conviction Expungement
Conviction Expungement, also known as Set Aside, is the legal process of removing a criminal conviction from one’s record. In the State of Michigan, there are specific guidelines for when and how a conviction can be expunged. The individual seeking an expungement can have no more than one criminal conviction to be eligible to have that conviction expunged. Also, at least five years must have passed since the conviction before it is eligible for expungement.

If you have a criminal record, you should know that your conviction is a matter of public record. This record can prevent you from obtaining adequate employment, obtaining housing, qualifying for student loans, obtaining professional licensing, passing background checks, obtaining immigration VISAs, and so on. Setting aside your criminal conviction will hide the conviction from public view, allow you to truthfully state that you have no conviction on your record, and enable you to regain control of your future.

The Law Office of Michael B. Brown offers free consultations regarding criminal expungement. We will look at your history and tell you whether your case qualifies for expungement. If it does, Attorney Michael Brown will file the necessary paperwork to request expungement and represent you at your hearing in order to present the best possible argument in convincing the court that expungement of your criminal record is in the best interest of you and the entire community. Contact us if you have questions about conviction expungement and how we can help you.