Felony Offenses
Felony Offenses are crimes for which the penalty includes a possibility of imprisonment for more than a year. Not all felony convictions result in prison time, however, and other potential penalties include probation, counseling/treatment, fines and fees, restitution, and more. Starting from arguing for bail to negotiating and investigating your case, to arguing before judge and jury, felony offenses demand the most attention and skill from a defense attorney.

Attorney Michael B. Brown Handles  Many Types of Felony Cases

  • drug crimes
  • violent crimes
  • assaults
  • theft
  • burglary
  • robbery
  • forgery
  • auto theft
  • white collar crimes
  • sex crimes
  • weapons charges
  • domestic violence
At the Law Office of Michael B. Brown, we understand the intense pressure that is placed on an individual and his family when charged with one or more felony offenses. Concerns about the future can cloud one’s ability to make a clear decision in the present, when it matters the most. Finding a criminal defense attorney that is trustworthy and devoted to you and your case is crucial!

Attorney Michael Brown is a dedicated legal counselor who will take the time necessary not only to investigate and research your case, but also to get to know your priorities, your questions, your concerns, and your needs while facing the felony justice system.

If you have been charged with a felony offense in Michigan, do not hesitate to contact felony criminal attorney Michael B. Brown for a free consultation.