drug charges
Drug Charges Can Have Serious Consequences

Drug charges are serious offenses with serious consequences if not properly defended. Jail, fines, fees, probation, counseling, drug testing, license revocation, and even prison. Attorney Michael B. Brown has extensive experience as a defense attorney and prosecutor handling charges of drug possession, prescription fraud, distribution, manufacturing, trafficking, sales, and delivery.

Each case is unique, especially when it comes to drug offenses. The location of police contact (in a car, in public, or at a private home) can make a significant difference in these cases, as can the presence of co-defendants or witnesses. Search and seizure law provides strong Constitutional protections (guaranteed by the 4th Amendment) to the individual. These protections are strongest inside one’s own home, and weakest in public areas. When wielded appropriately, arguments that a Defendant’s 4th Amendment rights have been violated can result in lowering or dropping charges. If you have been charged with a drug offense, discuss your case with an attorney who familiar with the Constitutional rights (particularly the 4th Amendment), it could make a big difference in your case.

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