license reinstatement
License Reinstatement Services from the Law Office of Michael B. Brown

Most people take their ability to drive for granted, but screw up while you are behind the wheel and the State of Michigan will swiftly and severely remind you that driving is a privilege, not a right!

License suspension is one of the harshest consequences for driving-related criminal offenses. Getting to work, taking the kids to school, and even going out for groceries can become constant hassles. Attorney Michael Brown can help you navigate the Secretary of State bureaucracy and fight to get your license back.

To reinstate one’s license, Michigan law puts the burden on the individual to prove that he or she has been consistently sober for at least six months, has any substance abuse issues under control, and is a low or minimal risk of repeating past abusive behaviors or committing another OWI. The process of proving these to the Secretary of State’s Driver License Appeal Division includes a sobriety assessment, letters attesting to sobriety, and an executive hearing. Unfortunately, if an attempt to reinstate one’s license is unsuccessful, there is a mandatory one year waiting period prior to scheduling a new hearing, so it is very important to be prepared to the best of one’s ability prior to entering the hearing.

The law does not require one to have an attorney throughout this process, nor will the court appoint you one. Nevertheless, hiring an attorney to aid in this process can save time, frustration, and even your chances of reinstating your license. The Law Office of Michael B. Brown offers free consultations regarding your license reinstatement questions, so contact us today!

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